1. Shed My Skin

From the recording Shed My Skin


Shed my skin I shed my skin I'm crawling out from deep withinIt's so good to move on from here .Shed my skin I shed my skin from inside out and outside inthere is nothing left to fear .‘cause I'm the joker in this house of cards,I did it all , the whole nine yardsthese fragile walls start to shake.As I race across this city bridgethe skyline shifts and starts to giveand I'm already drunk at the wakeShed my skin, I shed my skinBreathing out and diving inwhere shapes conform to my ideasShed my skin, I shed my skinBreaking out and crashing inthrough these cracked mirrors of my fears.Out from this old world I knowdeep down below I gointo the bloody maze.While up above the building dance and melt beneath the waves of chance.A sweeping sunset is ablazeSo, shed your skin, shed your skinyour interest in this world I'm in. Now's the time to speak.Shed your skin , shed your skinthe danger comes from withinnot the illusions that we seek.In this self defeating web we weavedno one here is deceivedby what we seek to prove,and the fragile, sweet, and subtle lossbeneath the cracked and peeling glossstill remains unmoved