Southern Cross Northern Skies - Notes On Writing & Meaning 


'Southern Cross Northern Skies' is about following a star that is impossible to see unless you learn to look in new ways and trust where it will lead you…


1. Different Now

Written in Albany, Denmark & Vasse, Western Australia, 19-22 November 2011.
I felt this song signalled a new chapter when I wrote it and that’s why it’s the first song on the album - We’re a little different now.

The lyrical imagery was inspired by the views of Albany Harbour, during visit to the Anzac War Memorial that got…

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Notes on a new song: Rebel Songs 

  Rebel Songs   I wrote this song earlier in the year from a line that appeared (as usual out of nowhere), complete with melody: "We don't need no rebel songs 'cause we're already free". It was the day after Ian Paisley (the firebrand Northern Irish Loyalist Leader) retired.   For the first time, as I don't watch much TV, I saw footage of him laughing away with Martin McGuinness (the Ex-IRA Sinn Féin politician and the current deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland), and learnt that these… Read more

New Album: 'Songs For Sooner' (What's it all about?) 

The album title 'Songs For Sooner' relates back via the song title 'Sooner Or Later' to the dog I had when I was thirteen. Her name was Sooner.

Sooner was a beautiful jet-black Kelpie. I rescued her from a farmer who had beaten and abused her so much that she was terrified of everyone and everything. She was so terrified that she would spend most of her time hiding under the house. We called her Sooner because she would sooner stay under the house than come out.

I tried to love her back to life. I think…

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