Notes on a new song: Rebel Songs

  Rebel Songs
I wrote this song earlier in the year from a line that appeared (as usual out of nowhere), complete with melody: "We don't need no rebel songs 'cause we're already free". It was the day after Ian Paisley (the firebrand Northern Irish Loyalist Leader) retired.
For the first time, as I don't watch much TV, I saw footage of him laughing away with Martin McGuinness (the Ex-IRA Sinn Féin politician and the current deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland), and learnt that these long term adversaries had been dubbed the “Chuckle Brothers” because of their habit of being seen constantly laughing away together in Stormont (Northern Irish Parliament).
If you are Irish, or in any way connected to the struggles of Irish history, I don't need to explain what this new information would do to your head...
Coincidentally, Pink Floyd's old song 'Another Brick In The Wall', with it's lyric "We Don't Need No Education", is about mind control and I'm sure my subconscious is making reference to it by using the line, "We don't need no..."
If you look at the words, "don't" and "no", in the lyrics “we don't need no education”, you'll observe they are double negatives that cancel each other out. So I guess it's not that we don't need rebel songs or education, for that matter, just perhaps new ways of approaching these things...


Rebel Songs

We don't need no rebel songs
'Cause we're already free
Times have changed, we've all moved on
It's no mystery
A flicker in the distance
Has become a blinding light
We don't need no rebel songs
To lift us up tonight


We don't need no rebel songs
To sing under our breath
We stumbled through this brand new day
And died a little death
When we realised that we'd become
The thing we resisted
We don't need no rebel songs
Now that we've untwisted


This is the life, a life that is unscripted
With a mystery prize still behind the creaking door
We came back, came back,
We came back from where we drifted

We don't need no rebel songs
To keep us company
All wrapped up in rusty chains
Our own worst enemy
Learnt by rote and repetition
Our thoughts were paralysed
We don't need no rebels songs
Now we can improvise


Copyright Rory Faithfield 2011

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