Latest 'Songs For Sooner' Press Quotes: Faithfield inhabits the same rich musical world as Christy Moore, Luka Bloom and Glen Hansard. His songs are wistful, romantic, deeply felt, beautifully crafted and sung with a voice that pours sincerity and emotion over every line and note...This is a sublime, heart-stoppingly beautiful album from a major new Australian folk talent" - 4 STAR REVIEW (Bruce Elder) SYDNEY MORNING HERALD His message is that all shades of experience can be metamorphosed into positivity and individualistic growth...layers of meaning are revealed gradually" - 4 STAR REVIEW (Anthony O'Grady) THE AUSTRALIAN heartfelt vocals and assured songwriting grace a collection of intelligent and melodic pop songs with hints of country and folk bubbling throughout... 'A Little Light' is infectious... so this could be Rory's biggest release so far"(Mark Kavanagh) THE STAR (Ireland)     -------------------------------------------------- Past Reviews: Heartfelt vocals..confident melodies.. gorgeous... Faithfield consistantly seeks beauty in everyday matters"  HOTPRESS This is beautiful, straightforward storytelling, saturated in Irish folk traditions but with a keen edge born of Faithfield's days as a punk rocker in Sydney. I was reminded of Paul Kelly's more lyrical excursions, which is a high compliment" WEST AUSTRALIAN a commanding stage presence"   DRUM MEDIA   "The difference attitude. In a scene infused with sedate melancholy or teeth-gritting angst, his relentlessly upbeat folk-rock courses with positive thinking and surges with vigorous musicality....Faithfield is invigorating and inspiring...." Peter Crawley - IRISH TIMES age kind of guy...Faithfield writes a nice lyric and his music is positive and, at times, irreverent. The punk influence is not entirely hidden: a lot of his songs are short up tempo affairs, kind of power acoustic; if you like...." Alan Brennan-IRISH INDEPENDENT Listening to a Rory Faithfield CD is the equivalent of an aural self help book - unputdownable!" THE BRAG Magazine, Sydney   ....Songs that uplift the human spirit and encourage individualism as in "Dance your own dance and sing your own song". That's Rory Faithfield in a nutshell....." John O'Regan ROCK'N'REEL Magazine   "...a strength that will inspire and move you with jolts of positive energy. This is great music that has character, purity, and mindfulness that is rarely found in recordings today. The spirit of humanity is written all over this CD " Keith Hannaleck- immense talent and a collection of songs that simply blew me away. I've heard this style of music from independent artists all over the world. Most of it is bland and many times boring for lack of originality. Rory Faithfield is an exception to that experience"   Michael Allison -   ....aside from the inherent message, you will hear an artist capable of conveying immeasurable emotion and power. Sounding a bit like Brian Ferry of Roxy Music, Rory Faithfield shows much more than mere promise....It would be impossible to listen and not believe that here is an artist ready to break loose. Rory Faithfield is an artist I will be following closely."   Jack Baer -   "Out of Nowhere Somewhere Anywhere this is destined for the middle and the best" Gareth Gorman, LAM Magazine, London   "....with singer-songwriters 10 a penny, it's refreshing and rather rare to find one who actually seems to know what he is doing..... ......this is really rather promising, remember where you heard it first"   Will Fulford-Jones - TNT Magazine, London”

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